About Us

ADA & AquaTherm has been here since 1995, ouf, time flies so fast. However, we haven’t been idle and worked to improve our accommodation. So welcome and let us introduce ourselves!

Fun fact: Mirko is the biggest traveler we know. We bet you won’t guess which country he hasn’t visited yet!

Miroslav Zachar

Miroslav is a go-to person who always goes above and beyond to ensure you have a pleasant stay! If you need anything, don’t hesitate to contact him!

Fun fact: Our grandma Vierka adores the music band Duo Jamaha and always burns up the dance floor!

Viera Zacharová

A hearty welcome awaits you from an accommodation’s landlord, and Miroslav’s mother, our lovely grandma Vierka.

Fun fact: If the Sun shines too much, ask Renátka to take a sunbath. No worries, we have tried it a couple of times. The sun always sets.

Renáta Volajová

Our grandma Vierka has two children. Miroslav, whom you already know, and Renátka who makes sure that cleanliness and beautifully maintained surroundings are always our top priority!

Fun fact: Miroslav’s biggest love, except for Renátka, is table tennis and Excel sheets.

Miroslav Volaj

Renátka always has her life partner, Miroslav, by her side. That’s not a mistake, we have two Miroslavs in the family. Miroslav can fix everything broken with his skills and brighten up every gloomy day with his humor!

Fun fact: Marek loves hiking and calisthenics. Don’t hesitate to approach him, it’s worth it!

Marek Zachar

We introduce the biggest nature lover! Besides that, he is also a son, a grandson, and a nephew. Marek not only improves the quality of our accommodation but can also recommend the best hiking trails!

Fun fact: Andy has won a worldwide competition with her cocktail called ‘Simia Sour’. It can be found in hotel bars at Hilton across the EMEA!

Andrea Volajová

On top of that, Marek is also an amazing brother! He has a little sister whom he loves with all his heart and soul. Andy strives to surpass our guests’ expectations and makes sure they have all the latest information available.

If you want to hear more fun facts or you have any other questions, feel free to contact us!